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      To contribute to our business growth,  we invite applications for:


 Lecturers (part-time) in the following course categories.

(1) Corporate Asset Management;

(2) Enterprise Risk Management, ISO 31000, ISO 31010

(3) Strategic Crisis Management

(4) Six Sigma Approach to Risk and Crisis Planning

(5) Financial Management in Corporate Decision Making

(6) Business Ethics, Code of Professional Conduct, and Social Responsibility

(7) Crisis Leadership and Management of Change

(8) Writing Proposal and Case Report

(9) Mediation

(10) Business Continuity Management

(11) Privacy Impact Assessment, ISO 29100

(12) Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), ISO 26000

(13) Interesting Courses such as Chess, Painting, Music, and Photography

Web Designer (part time)
Job Requirements:
# Good knowledge and experienced in web and graphic design;
# Efficient design output ;
# Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML, JavaScript
# Knowledge on Flash action script (optional)

Appointees will be responsible for course planning teaching, examination, project assessment and related activities. Interactive teaching and learning approach is preferred for further information. Applicants should have a relevant degree and/or equivalent professional qualifications. Teaching experience is desirable.

If you are interested in pursuing any opportunities, please contact us with an email apc@apc.org.hk with your CV, indicating your areas of interest. Appointments are made throughout the year as opportunities become available. You will be notified if you have been selected to serve. Finally, thank you for your interest in APC and its global program of work.

Completed application with CV should be sent together with photocopies of full certificates and transcripts to the Academy. Applicants who are not invited to attend an interview within 4 weeks should consider that their applications unsuccessful. The Academy will keep the data on unsuccessful applicants for up to 6 months and destroy it accordingly. Please DO NOT send any original transcripts or certificates to us.

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