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Professional Certificate in

Certified Risk Planner - CRP



All topics and contents related to Risk & Crisis Management has been endorsed by ISO31000.


Life is a risky business. Especially in the highly competitive and turbulent business world where unrecognized, unplanned for, and unmitigated risks and /or crises could probably sink a business, a company, or even a career. To survive and growth businesses, and management team members and professionals in particular, must understand what risks they face, how crisis they manage, and adopt strategies for incorporating those risk opportunities into effective business risk and crisis management.

The Certified Risk Planner (CRP) program is the most advanced, comprehensive, and professional certification program emphasizing both the theory and practice of business risk and crisis management. It is designed to assist the managers, directors, executives, and professionals learn how to manage and control the critical situations especially during, before, and after crisis. The certified risk planner principles will definitely help broaden your perspectives and make you more effective. It will provide a strong foundation of knowledge, and skills that will help you structure your way of problem solving, decision making and managing your strategic planning, communications, and reputation.


All participants of the Certified Risk Planner program will be expected to:
- Become familiar with the organization system or human intelligence and asset management.
- Appreciate the strategic value operational risk and business crisis management and sustain the competitive advantage.
- Recognize the financial risks and make the decisions in the corporate level.
- Apply the Sigma approach to risk and crisis planning to reduce the business and operational risks or deviations.
- Develop the ability to formulate the business risk and crisis management plan and programs and modify them to meet changing conditions in your organizations and businesses.
- Benchmark with the best business ethics, professional code of conduct, and social responsibility.

Language Used:

Cantonese (Supplemented with English)

Total Hours : 30+ Hours

Time: 1900 - 2200 hours

Commencing Date: Sep 4, 11, 18, 25; Oct 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30; Nov 6, 2012  (Every Tue)

CRP Course Assessment : 2 mini projects

Professional Designation Examination

Course Outline

M1 - Corporate Asset Management
M2 - Enterprise Operational Risk Management
M3 - Six Sigma Approach to Risk and Crisis Planning
M4 - Strategic Crisis Management
M5 - Financial Management in Corporate Decision Making

M6 - Business Ethics, Professional Code of Standards and Social Responsibility (Compulsory)


Duration:  10 days



Course Fee: HK$9,800



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