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   Chinese Painting 中國水墨畫班

                                                                  C o LLage  拼貼藝術






建立你自己的世界 Build your own world













雜誌,報章,宣傳單張,海報等的印刷品,並非無其是處.經由搜集,分類, 揀選,重組,撕,貼,剪的方法, 再以水彩, 水墨,木顏色, 粉彩, 融入拼貼之, 一幅幅具個人風格的靜物畫, 充滿情調的風景畫, 旅遊寫生將出自你手.學員將對顏色運用, 空間觀念,物料質感等有基本之認識.學員須自備剪刀膠水,及基本印刷品.


Course content: collage+ Other media
(e.g. color pencils, water color, ink, ink pen, etc.)



課程: 旅遊日記創作


Class: Art Diary Collage



Class  A
Date: Friday


Class B          

Date: Thursday


Time: 7-9 pm


Course fee: HK$800
Course Fee:  $50 (materials fee per students) 
Capacity: 6-8 



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