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Accredited Training Organisation (ATO)

We are glad to announce that Academy of Professional Certification Ltd (APC) has been accredited as an Authorized Training Organization (ATO) of PeopleCert/ Axelos (UK Government) with an Accredited Trainer Dr Danny Ha to deliver the training programs on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

Moreover, APC is an ISO Certification Body, with ISO members, for the certification of ISO 20000, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27005, ISO 29100, ISO 14001, ISO 22300, and ISO 31000. Sure, this would benefit our clients on top of ITIL training and ISO 20000 consulting services.Please write to apc@apc.org.hk for enquiry.

For legal reference, please visit: https://www.peoplecert.org/ways-to-get-certified/ato/academy-of-professional-certification-217186

我們很高興地宣布,專業認證學院(APC)已被認可為PeopleCert / Axelos(英國政府)的授權培訓機構(ATO),並擁有一名認證培訓師 Dr Danny Ha,負責提供ITIL(信息技術基礎設施庫)的培訓課程.

此外, APC是ISO認證機構,擁有ISO成員,幫助公司機構取得ISO 20000,ISO 9001,ISO 27001,ISO 27005, ISO 29100,ISO 14001, ISO 22300和ISO 31000認證。這將使我們的客戶在ITIL培訓和ISO 20000諮詢服務之上受益。請發送電子郵件至  apc@apc.org.hk查詢。

Update: Jun 2018





Appointment of Honorary Fintech Adviser of ASIA CEO COMMUNITY

ASIA CEO COMMUNITY is pleased to announce today the appointment of Dr Danny Ha (CEO at OneNet (HK-UK)) as the Honorary Fintech Adviser of ASIA CEO COMMUNITY, all for a term of two years from 31/03/2018.

Members who had attended our events must be familiar with Danny as he has been sharing his invaluable expert knowledge and experience in Financial Technology in Hong Kong to our members during the past years.

For full profile of the Honorary Advisers, please refer to the ASIA CEO COMMUNITY website via the following link: 

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