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  May 14-16, 2012

Marriott Marquis, New York, NY


You are invited to join peers, colleagues and pre-eminent speakers in risk and finance at PRMIA's Global Risk Conference and 10th Anniversary Gala celebration in New York, May 14-16, 2012.

Our conference presents leading approaches in risk management on:

  • Macro risks, regulations and their impact on financial services

  • Analytics for emerging risks in interconnected markets

  • Crisis management, including non market risks

    Please enter GLO_EV_HFY67 in the special code box when registering

    online at www.prmia.org/globalriskconference

    to receive a 25% off discount particular for the supporting organization of "Academy of Professional Certification (APC)" of Hong Kong

Please visit www.prmia.org/globalriskconference to view the details of the 3 day program with 75+ outstanding international speakers, including pre-eminent economists and financial historians, senior regulators and policy makers, CROs of major financial firms and hedge funds, leading academic researchers and teachers, and C-level professionals and consultants in finance, law and strategy.

Customize your own conference, with a selection of in-depth seminars and concurrent sessions that extend ideas from plenary and keynote speakers into more detailed investigation and take-aways to apply in your own field.

Please email (support@prmia.org) or call (+1 612-605-5370) us with questions about the program and how to register, including incentive rates for early registrants.  

Your participation is highly valued -- join in the discussion, combine networking with learning, discussion and career development!





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