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The Best Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Awards 2018

Guidelines on the submission


CONTENT (Not Applicable to ERO Award. For ERO Award, please skip to next section)


ERM Award applicants should present their organization's performance by addressing their responses to the Award Criteria in less than 20 pages.


It is important that applicants should study the full version of the Award Criteria below before responding to the below questions. Applicants are also encouraged to supplement their responses by addressing the criteria items.




Address this section in not more than 2 pages (including charts, tables, diagrams, if any).


P1. Organizational Description:


•Business nature and main products/services/industry
•Mission, vision and values
•Organizational structure
•Key customer and stakeholder groups


P2. Organizational Challenges:


•Relative size and growth of your company in your markets served Number/types of your competitors
•Your key competitive advantage and challenges



Address this section in not more than 18 pages (including charts, tables, diagrams, if any) as a Risk Management Report (Chinese or English) for company award or a YouTube video (15-mins maximum) with script (Chinese or English) covering the following requirements for individual ERO (Enterprise Risk Officer) Award


- What is the corporate culture in risk management? 
- Is your CEO mandate a risk management policy? 
- Have your risk assessments been updated in the last 6 months? 
- Provide training on business needs and drivers?  
- Do you have a quality approach to risk and crisis management? 

2. Business operations and management analysis 
- focus on supplier management of the complete supply chain 
- conduct customer feedback surreys, marketing progress and meetings 
- define key business processes and sub-process architecture 
- use benchmark data wherever possible and compliance of personal data privacy ordinance
- have your business contingency and continuity been tested in the last 6 months? 

3. Business planning 
- align annual objective to company risk and crisis and business strategy 
- apply a consistent process for projecting levels of business performance 
- develop key business performance measures 
- set objective for all employees with risk and crisis control and ERM responsibilities 
- develop communication system with measures of effectiveness 

4. Human resources develop and enterprise risk management 
- utilize care and recognition as an incentive program 
- consider succession planning 
- measure the effectiveness of manager training 
- consider on the job effectiveness and career development 
- appoint a risk and continuity evangelist                  

5.Enterprise risk process management
- adopt the principles of enterprise risk process management
- compliance of ISO 31000 and/or ISO 29100 or other ISO
- compliance of information security standards and its controls
- maintain & update the risk register & compliance report in the last 6 months
- implement the risk improvement processes 
- document the risk control and process 
- ensure there is an effective escalation process to risk control and continuity management from different sources of risk

6. Customer and market focus 
- develop more formal contacts with customers, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders 
- review service level objective and agreement in conjunction with customers and risk priorities 
- focus more on proactive customer relationship management 
- formalize the close out of problem solutions 
- initiate the management of change and markets focus

7. Business results 
- agree key business metrics 
- monitor regular business trend information, targets and benchmarks 
- use of risk identification tools, business diagnosis root cause analysis situations 
- develop checklists and chart to monitor the risk trends and change 
- follow up the ER measurement of business and financial performance

8. Financial management
-  employ tools of financial risk management for decision making
-  use of financial ratios for risk analysis
-  follow up the management requirements of key components of working capital to match the changing requirements of operations
-  have your financial budget planning been reviewed in the last 6 months? 
-  use of integrated financial & business risk management model?

FORMAT (Not applicable to ERO Award)

§Typed on standard A4-sized paper (please do not use glossy paper single-lined spacing) or computer document in Word or PDF format
§Minimum font size of 10 points
§Can be presented in bullet-point or essay
§Paper format with 3-ring bound for ease of processing
§Numbering on every page and for every item of address
§The submission must be signed by the organization's top executive with company logo

Please send the Award Secretariat 3 identical copies of the submission with all enclosures, which are not returnable, to: Award Secretariat, The Best ERM Award, Academy of Professional Certification Limited (APC), Room 1905, Nan Fung Center, 264-298 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

Enquiry: Ms. Chan   Tel: 2314 1010   WhatsApp: +852 94945357   Email: apc@apc.org.hk or apcorg@yahoo.com.hk

Please email the private link of the YouTube video to apcorg@yahoo.com.hk for the application of ERO Award.


For enquiry, please contact:

Mr. Time Lee in Hong Kong, Mobile: (852) 9711 7945 [or WhatsApp/ WeChat free call]

Mr. Theo Ip in London, Mobile: (44) 77 1928 7822  [or WhatsApp/ WeChat free call]


Please download here the Application Form


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