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The Best Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Awards 2018


World's Most Admired

"The Best ERM Award 2018"


This is the global event 2018 the Best Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Awards to honor companies, Startup, SME, NGO, MNC, organizations and individual of all industries that demonstrate excellence and achievement in enterprise risk management (ERM), for building their brand, promote business longevity and sustainability with international world-class standards that leading to the compliance of ISO and the best practices.


Immediate Benefits To Organization & Individual


   Feedback with constructive suggestions by judges;Free annual (3 times half hour) risk management consultation;

   Display of your video or company presentation slides on APC website;

   Sharing of the ERM Award assessment report and video;

   Annual APC training and certification 20% discount;

The process for choosing the honorees is impartial, systematic and very competitive.

 Nominations are processed into a well-defined set of procedures and criteria. These all make up the World's Most Admired "The Best ERM Award 2018"




   Corporate annual Membership of APC;

   Networking, experience and knowledge sharing at the ERM Evangelist Group and partner events for business opportunities worldwide




2015 Winners 


Panel of Judges Supporting Organisations
and Supporters
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Enrolment Procedures


Application Form part 1

Application Form part 1I




Why organizations & individuals should not miss this Award?

1. Recognition and Publicity


This award provides public recognition for the winners with a strong commitment in the implementation of Enterprise Risk Management in accordance with the best practices and ISO 31000 international standards which covers ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 28000, ISO 27001, ISO 22300, and sustainability needs.


2. Performance Evaluation


In the process of preparing for submission, it helps the organization/ individual to identify its strengths and areas for improvement in Enterprise Risk Management. Furthermore, the internal analysis and external feedback from the evaluation panel, which consists of the most experienced crisis and risk management experts and corresponding business industry leaders, can benefit the decision making process improvement of the organization's business activities. Most importantly, it is to enhance organizations management excellence and sustain competitive advantage.


3. Management Commitment


This award can raise the level of management's commitment and engagement in good risk management practices, as well as boost the confidence of the staff through formal recognition for their efforts and achievements.


4. Networking and Presentation


All applicants would be a member of the business opportunities round-table group called the ERM Evangelist Group and invited to join networking events.


5. Business Innovation Group


All companies and individuals can share business operation knowledge from VIP guests and APC advisors through Facebook and Linkedln closed groups.

Assessment Criteria


Judging Criteria and Evaluation Process

A panel of well-known senior business executives, leading enterprise risk management experts, and professional advisors will be formed to assess the winners of The Best ERM Award 2018 for organizations and the Enterprise Risk Officer (ERO) Award for individuals.


Any organizations and individuals are eligible to apply.

Company applicant: should complete the application form part I and II

Individual applicant: should complete the application form part I and a 15-minute YouTube video for, covering its risk management activities.


機構申請: 填寫申請表格I及II
個人申請: 申請表格I及15分鐘的YouTube視頻,涵蓋其風險管理活動   


The organization once it has applied will go through two rounds of evaluation. In the first round, the panel will assess the ERM competence level of the organization with reference to the eight enterprise risk performance dimensions. The judges might advise candidates for further needs of improvement. In the second round of assessment, the judge panel would review and exchange assessment results.

機構提交申請表後, 將進行兩輪評審。 


Campaign Awards:

The Best ERM Awards and the ERO Awards


Evaluation Panel Judges
Ms.Cedar Pan Manager, Art & Painting Tools Provider, Shanghai Easyou Sports Co. Ltd.
Mr. Chuck Brooks General Dynamics Mission Systems, Cybersecurity; Department of Homeland Security, USA
Mr. Francois Liebenberg (Mcom, Risk Management), CEO-SmartFunder (PTY) Ltd; Fintech Tutor of University of Oxford
Mr. Gary Lam Chairman, Asia CEO Community, Hong Kong.
Mr. Hang Chau Chinese Ink Painting Teacher, Painter 著名水墨畫家
Dr. Keith Chau Programme Director, Institute for Entrepreneurship, HK Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Ms.Kim Kay Head of Talent Management, Getsmarter, South Africa
Dr. Lee Chi Ming Director, Knowledge Transfer, Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services, CUHK
Mr. Louie Shum Chun Ying Securities Adviser 沈振盈, 股市分析員評論員
Mr. Louis Leung 梁永安 Practising CPA, International Sr. Economic Consultant of 
  The People's Government of Shaanxi Province 陝西省人民政府國際高級經濟顧問; President of Wing On Professional Group
Ms May Tsue Join Company Secretary, group of companies, China
Mr. Peter Ip Chairman and Founder, Asia Pacific Professional Managers Association (www.apac-pma.com)
Mr. Peter Koo Partner, Advisory in Audit, Deloitte China
Mr. Raymond Mok General Manager, Shun Hing Electronic Trading Co., Ltd.
Ms.Rosetta Kwok Y.S. Solicitor
Mr. Tyn Van Amelsfoort Chairman, ASIS HK Chapter
Dr. Will Chong Director of OE Media Ltd., City of York Ambassador, United Kingdom
Dr. William Lo, JP Vice Chairman of Kidsland International Holdings Ltd (SEHK:2122);
  Chairman of Captcha Media Ltd
Professor Eddie Hui Trade Commissioner, Business Development, Zhuhai City, China
Professor Eric Tsui Knowledgement Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Professor Harold Tan Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, National Taiwan University

Director, Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research, National Taiwan University

Evaluation Panel Committee:
Dr. Will Chong Chairman of the Evaluation Panel Committee, United Kingdom
Dr. Freddii Lee Chairman of ICRM, ISO TC Members
Dr. Danny Ha Chairman of The Best ERM Award and APC, ISO Members & Auditor, Business ERM Advisor
Executive Council of APC
For enquiry, please contact our Regional Representatives in London and Hong Kong:

Mr. Time Lee in Hong Kong, Mobile: (852) 9711 7945 [or WhatsApp/ WeChat free call]

Mr. Theo Ip in London, Mobile: (44) 77 1928 7822  [or WhatsApp/ WeChat free call]




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