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The Executive Council of Academy of Professional Certification (APC)
Honorable Patron
Samson Tam Wai Ho, JP, PhD


Member of Legislative Council
(Information Technology) 2008-2012

(立法會議員 – 資訊科技界2008-2012)

Honorable Academic Advisors
Dr. Joseph JY Sung SBS
中大校長 沈祖堯



Vice-Chancellor and President
Mok Hing Yiu Professor of Medicine

The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Professor Dr. Mike So




Director of Risk Management Business
Intelligence Program
Business Statistics and Operations Management

School of Business and Management

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Asso. Professor Dr. Ivan Lai



Assistant Dean of the Faulty of Hospitality and
Tourism Management
Macau University of Science and Technology


Raymond Wong



Program Director
School of Continuing Studies
Macau University of Science and Technology


Honorable Legal Advisor

Mr. Andrew S K Law



Partner and Head of IT Law Practice Group



 Honorable Professional Group Advisors
 Honorable Art Collection Advisors
Honorable Executive Committee

Macau Executive Committee
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